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Künstler Arthur Poor
Artist Arthur Poor



born in Vienna (Austria)

1999 –2006

Studying arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, in the masterclass of Hubert Schmalix. The artist creates an original style of painting, influenced by Japanese art and culture. After graduation he starts to work with ceramics, which he applies to his paintings and also starts to create teapots and teacups.

2000 – 2007

The artist enrolls in Japanese Studies at the University of Vienna. In the course of study, he intensively works on visual material, such as Japanese painting, ukiyo-e woodblock print, souvenir-photography taken around 1900 in Japan, Japanese magazines from the beginning of the 20th Century, and much more.


Collaboration with Japanese musicians in Kitahiroshima in Hokkaido. At the public concert Hokkaido osutoria kenbunroku (transl.: Impressions from Hokkaido and Austria) the artists express the friendship between Japan and Austria through the ways of music and painting.

For detailed Information on exhibits and activities see: arthurpoor.com

Vitae of Artist Arthur Poor