born in Vienna (Austria).

1999 – 2006

Studying Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, in the Masterclass of Hubert Schmalix and Peter Dressler. During this period creation of an original painting style. 2001 the artist beginnins to design first Conjunction Paintings.
Academic degree.


Studies Informatics at Vienna University of Technology.

2000 – 2007

In addition to art, enrollment in Japanese studies at the university of Vienna. In the course of this engages in study of art and visual sources.
Academic degree.

Aug. 31.2008

Collaboration with japanese musicians in Hokkaido. Together expressing the friendship between Japan and Austria through the ways of music and live-painting.

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About Conjunctions | Disambiguation

Conjunction is a painting technique using various styles, but nevertheless differs considerably from conventional techniques such as Collage, Combine Painting, Assemblage and Mixed Media, terms which are frequently used in the art market.

The most distinctive feature is, that Conjunctions highly accentuate a varied surface structure. The scenery is displayed in various materials, such as, acrylic, ink, oil or even silk and ceramics. Each picture element is stylistically clearly separated from the others, so that they all represent different identities and therefore are seen as if through different perceptions.
In other words, various visual impressions stimulate the viewer to change between modes of visual perception and ways of thinking. Being displayed in a single picture, these multiple perceptions (models of thought or paradigms) finally once again melt to a unity. This process is similar to how different cultural perspectives interweave within todays globalized world.

On account of their heterogeneous structure the artist Arthur Poor originally called his works »heterogenous conjunction paintings«, succinctly: Conjunctions.

In linguistics Conjunction is a word that produces syntactic connections between words, word groups, parts of sentences or whole sentences and at the same time expresses content relations between the linked elements.
Mathematics and computer science, apply the concept of Conjunction when executing the so-called »AND-function« in binary logic as well as multi-valued logic.
Conjunctions depict an open global world view, that can always be extended by following additions, they stand for flexibility, fragmentarization and plurality.

Conjunction Painting showing a seagull


Conjunction Painting Technique

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