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In a recently redesigned separate area of this homepage you now can also see pottery made by the artist Arthur Poor.
The works are based on the Japanese Wabi Sabi style. The interested reader is referred to an article on the early reception of Wabi Sabi in Europe.

Teacup made by Artist Arthur Poor



To Paris:

World Climate Conference Paris



Danse Macabre

Ein Totentanz

Umbrellas in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Umbrella and the 3 vinegarTastersHong Kong Umbrella and the 3 vinegarTasters

Online slideshow of Painter Arthur Poor´s art.

New Picture Gallery Added

New pictures by artist Arthur Poor created in 2013/2012 have been added to the gallery. To see the newest works select the ‘3 plus ONE’ icon in the “Works” section of this homepage. All around the clock since 2009 people from all over the world are enjoying the online presentation of the artist's works.

Opening: Works by artist Arthur Poor at the Kulturhaus St. Andrä-Wördern Works by artist Arthur Poor at the Kulturhaus St. Andrä-Wördern

Synoptic: Four Worlds

According to the title ‘four artists, four genres, four worlds’ were shown at the exhibit in the arts centre of Saint Andrä-Wördern, a building of heterogeneous architecture that unites architectural styles of various epochs. At this promising location the artists confronted the audience with a wide range of expression and style. The work ‘3 plus ONE’ by artist Arthur Poor uses some if his earlier motives as modular elements, which in serial arrangement form structures at a larger scale. Also painter Lisi Deutsch, who has specialised in portrait painting, participated in the group-exhibit. Using lavish costumes and digital image processing Xena Zellich creates a parallel existence in her photographic work, combining popular culture and romantic fantasy. At the Opening visitors enjoyed a reading of satirical texts written by Dr. Anton Klein. Overall the exhibition is a clear commitment to artistic expression as a mirror of present-day society.

Exhibit: Works by artist Arthur Poor at the Kulturhaus St. Andrä-Wördern

Exhibit in Andrä-Wördern

From February 14th to 17th new works by artist Arthur Poor are displayed at the Kulturhaus in Andrä-Wördern near Vienna. The group-exhibit of four artists will open on February 14th 2013 at 7pm featuring performances. Team: Harald Vogt, Lisi Deutsch, Xena Zellich, Dr. Anton Klein, Arthur Poor, Lily LaRose, Kulturcafe.
For further information see the “Exhibits” section of this homepage.

Painting in Context of Circuit Boards and Vinegar Tasters

Formally, the layout of the works produced from 2010 to 2011 is based on the structural composition of circuit boards used in electronic equipment. On usually single-coloured boards electrical components are connected by an angular circuit path. They process information in mutual interaction, constantly exchanging and communicating. Metaphorically speaking, this is a process in which all elements participate, without any discrimination, oppression or exclusion.

Some of the works base on the Chinese motive ‘The Three Vinegar Tasters’. In classical depictions, the founders of the three most influential philosophies on Chinese culture: Confucius, Lao-Tse and Sakyamuni are gathered around a vinegar barrel. Objectively they taste the same vinegar, but subjectively perceive different flavors. Thus the traditional allegory shows the differences between the Confucianist, Buddhist and Taosit world view. In his new interpretation Arthur Poor brings communication into focus. Most obviously, the vinegar barrel is not shown, so it is not the degustated vinegar that represents the axis, but the free exchange of opinion, which is linking the individuals harmoniously.
In nowaday China the motive is rarely painted. Certainly the depiction of a free exchange of opinion would not be seen as desirable by the political system. In fact many Chinese dissidents are imprisoned for expressing different ideology and world view. In 2009 writer Liu Xiaobo was sentenced for ‘inciting subversion of state power and attempt to overthrow the socialist system’ to 11 years in prison. The following year he was awarded the Nobel price for peace whilst in incarceration. But also tibetan monk Sangpo Rinchen, author of critical writings, is in hiding after repeated arrest and torture in 2007.

Online slideshow of Painter Arthur Poor´s art.

New Works Online

A variety of selected works by artist Arthur Poor produced in 2010 and 2011 have been uploaded to the online slide-show. To see the newest paintings select the icon ‘Works 2010/2011’ in the “Works” section of this homepage.

The Greenman´s Fifth Anniversary

On the occasion of artist Arthur Poor´s diploma exhibition, five years ago, the two conjunctions »The Green Man« and «Water» were publicly shown for the first time in the exhibition rooms of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Given the growing awareness towards natural disasters dramatic effects, the depiction of two vegetal figures integrated in their environment proves the picture »The Green Man« to be more topical than ever. Celebrating its fifth anniversary, early photographs that document the process of painting are shown here for the first time.

The Green Man by Artist Arthur Poor. Painting in progress. The Green Man by Artist Arthur Poor. Painting in progress. The Green Man by Artist Arthur Poor. Painting in progress.

Opening of Exhibit Conjunctions by Arthur Poor Exhibit Conjunctions by Arthur Poor Exhibit Conjunctions by Arthur Poor Exhibit Conjunctions by Arthur Poor Exhibit Conjunctions by Arthur Poor Exhibit Conjunctions by Arthur Poor

Synoptic: Exhibit ‘CONJUNCTIONS’

From May 20th until 29th the gallery ‘Altes Herrenhaus’ showed a comprehensive review of the latest Conjunction Paintings by artist Arthur Poor. The displayed works highly accentuate a varied surface structure, enabling viewers to switch between various ways of perception. To achieve this effect, the artist masterfully uses different techniques ranging from oil painting to plastic ceramic parts.
Model-Dependent Realism by Arthur Poor Arthur Poor is not just integrating materials and textures, but also integrates elements of foreign culture in his paintings, actively building bridges between East and West. For this solo exhibition the artist created a contemporary interpretation of the ‘Three Vinegar Tasters’, a popular motif in Chinese ink painting. Other works by Arthur Poor examine the ‘Model-Dependent Realism’, a new concept in modern physics, which was developed to integrate different theories.
As a special event, music performances were arranged in interaction with the visual impressions. At the Opening Miyuki Arai, Wu Ruei-Ran, Rika Ishii and Kanako Sako inspired the audience with a three-part music and dance performance, interprating works by Arthur Poor.Kanako Sako(dance) at Opening performance of Conjunctions by Arthur Poor The live improvisation was developed together with the artist exclusively for this exhibition. During the closing event Michael-franz Woels and Adrian Flux accompanied the exhibit with their electronic sound collage ‘for four fragments’, a program they recently presented at the design fair in Linz.
The cultural event took place in an historic manor house, which was renovated in 1989 for the Lower Austrian Provincial Exhibit. Its large exhibition rooms offered space for a total of 57 works by the artist. The exhibition was powered by INK an initiative for new art in East Austria. Since its foundation in 1982, the initiative supports contemporary artistic expression with emphasis on interdisciplinary fields. A framework in which Arthur Poor´s Conjunctions perfectly fitted in.

Miyuki Arai (transverse flute) at Opening performance of Conjunctions by Arthur Poor Exhibit Conjunctions by Arthur Poor
CONJUNCTIONS. Plakat zur Ausstellung von Arthur Poor

May 20th − 22nd, 28th and 29th 2011
Solo Exhibition ‘CONJUNCTIONS’

Preparations for the first major solo exhibit at the gallery «Altes Herrenhaus» have started. The audience is going to see a broad review of the latest Conjunction Paintings of artist Arthur Poor. A series of puristic works from the productive year 2010, and 2011 will form the main central part of the exhibit. But also some older important pieces will be shown at public for the first time. Furthermore, there are improvisational music and dance performances at the opening on Friday May 20th and at the finissage Sunday May 29th, featuring versatile and talented musicians. The artist wishes an inspiring and entertaining cultural event.

Opening May 20th at 7 pm with musicperformance by: Miyuki Arai (transverse flute), Wu Ruei-Ran (bandoneon), Rika Ishii (trumpet), Kanako Sako (dance)
Finissage May 29th at 5pm with Soundcollage “FOR FOUR FRAGMENTS” performed by: adrian flux (e.lektronix), marine oi (e.geige), michael-franz woels (e.guitar)
Hours of opening on May 21st, 22nd 28th and 29th
from 10am to 12am and from 2 pm to 7pm

Gallery Altes Herrenhaus
Hainfelderstrasse 41
A−2563 Pottenstein
Exhibition powerd by INK

Triple Conjunction
2010. Triple Conjunction
70 cm x 50 cm

March 31st until April 14th 2011
Charity exhibition for earthquake victims in Japan

At a charity exhibition at the contemporary art gallery ‘base-level’ artists present their works and sell them for a good purpose. Artist Arthur Poor will donate a painting with the title Triple Conjunction. Further participating artists are Erwin Wurm, Ruth Schnell, Johanna Kandl, Ruth Mateus-Berr, Heribert Just and others. All donated works will be sold at a fixed nominal price plus a voluntary donation. In order to ensure a smooth exhibition, the actual settlement and payment will be handled on the following days Friday, April 1st and Saturday, April 2nd. The entire income of the evening will be transferred to the Japanese Red Cross, and will support earthquake victims in Japan. The exhibited works can be purchased until April 14th.

Gallery ‘base-level’
Heinrichsgasse 4
Entrance at Rudolfsplatz
Hours of opening: Wed, 12 am − 3 pm,
Thu and Fri, 3 pm − 9 pm,
Sat, 12 am − 5 pm
Opening: Thursday, March 31st 2011 at 7pm

Seagulls of Matsushima
Seagulls of Matsushima

Earthquake Catastrophy:
Sympathies to the people of Japan.

Following an Austrian Japanese friendship performance in 2008, the artist traveled the north-eastern part of Japan. The trip included visits to Sendai City and Matsushima, located at Sendai-Bay and the port-town Kesennuma to the north. These cities are now affected by severe damage, since the epicenter of the recent devastating earthquake was located in the sea near Sendai Bay. Huge tsunami waves left a strip of devastation along the coast. In English Matsushima translates ‘pine islands’, and for ages the place is known as one of the three most beautiful landscapes of Japan, because of its pine-covered islands off the coast. The artist depicted his impressions on Matsushima in a series of paintings which show the picturesque islands and seagulls crossing the sky above. It is painful to see the images of devastation in the Tohoku region. Since last friday march 11th 2011 the coast is a scene of human suffering, whole villages were literally wiped out, survivors are desperately searching for friends and relatives. In addition the whole country worries about the uncertain events at the reactors 1 to 3 of the nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi.

The artist hereby expresses his deep sympathies to the people of Japan.

Performance in 5 Phases

Performance Black White, Phase 1; Arthur Poor Performance Black White, Phase 2; Arthur Poor Performance Black White, Phase 3; Arthur Poor

Synoptic: Black and White

Black and White formed the concept of Arthur Poor and Ensemble Usonia’s collaboration on February 3rd 2011. During the artistic performance a levitating ribbon was spanned on stage, tracing the mathematical symbol for conjunction (∧ and, ∨ or). A black symbol overlaps a white, and at the ends they were connected by a gradient of gray. From between the binary states of black and white, innumerous shades emerge, resembling the seeming infinity of a Mobius loop. The floating graph also outlines the three dimensional music event: Ensemble Usonia presented a modern conceptual composition based on the theme Black and White. Musicians and audio speakers were positioned in between the audience, their instruments communicated across the studio. All together resulting in a musical interaction between well-tempered orchestral order, and aleatoric sounds distorted by digital sequence. The pictures show Arthur Poor at the Performance.

Performance Black White, Phase 4; Arthur Poor Performance Black White, Phase 5; Arthur Poor
Flyer for Performance BLACK WHITE. Designed by Arthur Poor

Black. White.

Event: February 3rd 2011. Arthur Poor and ensemble Usonia perform at the recently founded cultural centre « Das Werk » located in the 16-th Viennese district. BLACK. WHITE. is a multi-dimensional conceptual performance and sound collage, using Möbius strips and sound clusters as tools to interpretate the relation between the pair of colours. Transformations and processes take place between both binary states black and white. In an aleatoric procedure the adjectives letters are associated with different tones and line up to melodies. On stage the transformations between black and white, are visualized in a Conjunction graph.

Begin 7pm, Location: Neulerchenfelderstrasse 6-8, A−1160 Vienna

Ensemble Usonia: Adrian Flux, Hanna Palme, Marine Oi, Michael-Franz Woels, Severin Chen

Fluc in Vienna

Live to share:
Multimedia performance in Viennas Fluc

On September 8th, 2010 musicians Elisabeth Grabner (violin), Severin Chen (percussion, keyboard instruments), Michael-Franz Woels (stringed instruments, script), performance-actress Jolanta Warpechowski (vocals, movements) and artist Arthur Poor (visuals) staged an amalgamating play of improvisation. Cross reactions of experimental sounds, vocal fragments of a polish-german text and catching visuals weave and share a sparkling net of orchestrated expression.

Art Connects People

December 3rd 2009. Starting into the World Wide Web. The multilingual homepage will inform you on the latest activities of austrian artist Arthur Poor. In the Contact section of this site you can get directly in touch with the artist. If you like, you will be informed you on current exhibitions via e-mail.
Art is communication – and communication connects people. Therefore the artist is glad to receive message from you.

concert poster From left to right: Maler Arthur Poor with Honorary Consul Shigehiro Kanai (Honorary Consulate of Austria in Sapporo), and pianist Shunsuke Inada Live-Painting

A Journey between Austria and Japan

Hokkaido, August 31st 2008. In collaboration with a japanese chamber music ensemble (piano, violin, viola and cello) an unusual concert was held at the Hana-Hall in Kitahiroshima.
Pieces of classical music related to Japan and Austria were performed, namely Johannes Brahm's Violin Sonata No.2, the japanese volksongs Red Dragonfly, Red Leaves, and Village-Festival, and last but not least the world renowned austrian waltz Blue Danube by Johann Strauss.

Following the flow of music the audience witnessed a line expanding choreographically through sceneries of beautiful landscape from both countries that were painted on canvas. The mountains Hoheikyo and Rausudake in Hokkaido as well as Kahlenberg and Hochtor in Austria were depicted. Also blooming twigs of 1000 cherrytrees, which Austria received from Japan in 1996 as present on the occasion of its 1000 year anniversary. Landscape, music and painting unified through a line as a symbol of deep friendship and the bond between two countries. The picture is currently displayed at the Mugekou-ji temple in Kitahiroshima.

Cherry-blossom at the Danube RiverHokkaido